Heilpraxis Schramm

It is lockdown times. The most common concern is, what we will do at home?
We are witnessing a crisis that is universal and not individual. The poeple of planet earth are enveloped with fear, uncertainity and lack of control. Fear is an energy and we need to transform this fear into confidence.
It is said: "If you cannot go outside, go inside"
I present A-Z-suggestions for Creating, Maintaining and Spreading Positivity during challenging times
A-Agree to and follow the rules set by our concerned authorities
B-Be mindful and be positive. Fucussing on all grim possibilities lowers our vibrational frequency that in turn can undermine our immunity.
C-Create. Write an inspiring post on social media, a poem, short story, a song; create a new recipe; draw or paint; make up a new recipe or be innovative with left-overs; carve out flowers from vegetables or fruits; cut out words and images from old newspapers or magazins and make a collage; design something new; possibilities are endless and and up to your imaginations.
D-Discipline. Make a DAILY regime and stick to it as much as possible. Self-discipline is required for work from home to be successful. Maintain a regular schedule of sleep, work, rest, relaxation and family time
E-Express your feelings. Start a daily journal. Write about your emotions or use crayons.color pencils or paints, anything that you have in your home. Use the time to entertain and also enlighten yourself.
F-Free yourself of fear because vibrational energy of fear only fuels and attracts into your live that which we fear the most. The more the number of poeple that live in fear, the more in fuels what we fear. Find what fuels your fear and what reduces it and work towards freeing yourself from it.
G-Gratitude. Be grateful for what you have instead of fretting about what you dont. Attitude of Gratitude attracts more to be grateful for while obsessing about what you dont have abstructs it from coming in. Time to realize the value of all that you have always taken granted in your live.
H-Healing circles can be formed with friends or family whre you can do any activity such as chanting, praying, visualizing and diracting healing energies for common purpose at a prefixed time from within your homes.
I-Inspire others, remain positive and spread positivity. Let your life be a true example of "walking your talk".
J-Join your children in play, sing and dance with them. Entertain them and be entertained by them. Tell them sories, this is the time to bond.
K-Kindness brings joy to the doer, receiver and to the ones who witness it. Any act of kindness creates ripples of powerful positive energy vibrations that reach far and wide. Your samll act of kindness could change someones world.
L-Lessen the time spent in watching or listening to and resist passing on negative messages and social posts that increase the fear factor.
M-Meditate. Take this extra time to meditate for relaxation, to ease axienty or to be inspired.
N-Nurture yourself and your family with proper food and resist the temptation of junkfoods.
O-Organize your storage, remove things that you havent used for a long time - you can give them away later to those less fortunate.
P-Prayers are powerful but group prayers are even more powerful.Pray not only for yourself and your family but for all on planet earth.
Q-Question yourself and selfreflect upon what really matters, could I have done anything differently, if I had a chance what would I change?
R-Reach out to poeple and talk to them when you are feeling alone, helping others is the best way helping yourself. Time to reconnect and rekindle relationships that have fizzled out due to lack of time.
S-Sleep well and at the right time.Our bodies rejuvenate during sleep and mind needs that restfulness too.
T-Tidy up your homes. House help may not be available during days of lockdown. All family members need to participate in keeping your homes tidy.
U-Utilize this time of self-isolating or social distancing for your personal growth and transformation for it is said: "What does not break us only makes us stronger".
V-Visualisation. Use vizualisation technics to combat fear or to reach any goal. You can find many resources online that can guide you.
W-Watch inspiring stories, movies and shows. Studies show that inspiring stories enhance our motivation and hope.
X-Extend your scope of skills. You can learn something new or hone your skills with an online training or from books or any other way available to you.
Y-Yoga, pranayama and breathing exercises is known to benefit the respiratory system and maintain fitness.
Z-Zest. Keep your zest for: "this too shall pass".
p.s. the A-Z is applicable during any challenging times.      ã Kamalrukh Wadia March 2020