Heilpraxis SchrammConstellation work

Are you at the right place in your live? Or still something is missing? Many poeple think there is a long way to go until you can reach the goal. But usually it waits already in front of us. You just need to pause for a moment to catch it. Sometimes also a brave step or a distinctly proffered word is needed. Sometimes also a subtle gesture will do. That small, but consciously fulfilled movements connects us again with our innermost being, bringing peace and opening new resources. 

This therapy belongs to a group of solution-focussed therapies (SFT) which are designed to solve the clients problem whithin a couple of sessions, instead of a longtime analytical process, by doing no longer investigating the problem, but focussing primarily on its solution. It was found by Bert Hellinger in the nineties of the last century and developed since then into various models of systemic interventions. It can bring surprising progress even into continued and hardened therapeutic processes.

Group therapy session is not suitable for each and every client, because inner conflicts and psychotraumata are always painful and shame-ridden and need a safe therapeuthic space to be revealed and cured. I offer single session (90 min.) in which you can start to work on your issues in your own pace, accompagned and reflected by me carefully, providing safeness even in critical moments.