HomopathieClassical homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical form of treatment that was founded by the Saxonian doctor Samuel Hahnemann and today has more than 200 years of experience worldwide. With its holistic view it perfectly resolves the old academic division in body treatments and psychotherapy, because it makes an overall view of the patient's physical, mental and social situation.The unity of psyche and body is one of the homeopathic basic laws, their artificial separation is seen as the main cause that disease processes are too often only suppressed and postponed, but not healed.

The general spread of homeopathy via the internet in recent years has unfortunately increasingly pushed this integrative approach into the background. Too often, homeopathic complex remedies or globulies for temporarly annoying symptoms such as headache, diarrhea or cough are now recommended and taken clinically, without understanding that a short-term improvement is often bought with a long-term weakening of the immune system, which is soon due to recurrences and chronifications are noticeable. The correct and qualified homeopathic treatment, however, is never based on the common (pathognomonic) disease symptoms or clinical diagnoses, but always on a total view of the physical, emotional and mental reactions of the patient, witch have to be worked out individually in a comprehensive as well as detailed investigation.

In contrast to conventional medicine, homeopathy attaches particular importance to the "non-pathological" but "individual" feelings of the patient and therefore requires active cooperation and good introspection as well as a general willingness to "get in" with the illness.

The classic variant of homeopathy extends the perspective of the more current disease to the biographical and family backgrounds of chronic conditions and can thus activate healing processes on long term. Especially long-lasting chronic diseases such as allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism, etc. require special strategies to get actually cured permanently and not be only temporarily suppressed or postponed. 


The homeopathic first anamnesis (initial admission) is very extensive and profound. It lasts up to three hours. Afterwards, the homeopathy remedy administration takes place, lasting several weeks or even longer. The follow-up anamnesis takes about one hour and is agreed according to the healing process.  


'Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.' – Mahatma Gandhi